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Fakarava Frolic

Corey Wilson


Behind the Shot

French Polynesia is made up of 118 islands and atolls spread out over 1,200 miles in the South Pacific. Divided into five groups, the region is a French collective, independently governed locally, but reliant on France and other collective members for services such as security, defense, education and justice. This close relationship brings an international flair to the region and results in an eclectic mixture of local and international cuisine, music, architecture and language. Still, each of the 118 locations retains its own unique features.

The Fakarava atoll, located in the Tuamotu group of French Polynesia, is about an hour’s flight from Tahiti in the southwest. Fakarava is a nearly perfect rectangle-shaped atoll, 37 miles long and 13 miles wide. The lagoon it encircles is 429 square miles, and the entire dry-land mass is only 9 square miles.

“Fakarava is so unique—there’s nothing like it anywhere, and it’s just incredible with the blue water, white beaches, clear water and all the palm trees.” Corey recalls the events of the day this photo was taken: “We were back at camp and this was the last day of the trip. We had completed the assignment and the models were just cutting loose and having fun.”