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Off the Wall

Corey Wilson


Behind the Shot

Just south of the fabled Banzai Pipeline on Oahu’s famous North Shore are the unpredictable waves of Off the Wall. Seasoned pros and fickle locals who don’t want to hassle with the crowds at Pipeline will risk the board-breaking conditions for the thrills here. The waves break over an extremely sharp and jagged shallow rocky reef. There’s no forgiveness here. Any mistake or misstep will result in a surfer plunging headfirst into certain injury or worse. There are no lifeguards here, only the reef, rocks, rip currents and venomous sea urchins.

Corey photographed the waves from above to get this photo. “We were here for sunset, but I shot this just after. The waves here are so distinct—the way they break, and the power. The best way to show it was with a slow shutter speed. I tracked the movement from above to really bring out the texture and movement.”