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Corey Wilson


Behind the Shot

About 1,500 miles south of San Diego, or a much more reasonable 39 miles from Colima Airport, is a hidden gem in the world of Mexican surfing, Pascuales. Those who know about Pascuales would prefer that this hidden gem remain hidden, and once you understand what’s located in this location, you would want to keep it hidden too.

The town of Pascuales, named for the waves, is the ultimate surfer town—built by surfers, for surfers. Famous for its barrels, its warm water and year-round consistent surf, Pascuales is one of Corey’s top destinations, even though he nearly died here.

Corey clearly remembers the moment: “I wasn’t being respectful of the wave. The waves here are 15-footers, and they break on the shore. It’s hard to get in and out. I was shooting in the water, and a massive wave broke on top of me. Then another and then another. I was getting crushed under the waves and couldn’t break free. I had to remain calm. I knew if I freaked out I would die. I counted to 10, recited the ABCs, and did everything I could to just relax. Then the wave let me up. And I was alive.

“I took this shot the next day. My relationship with the waves here totally changed. I had complete respect for them, and this photo shows the result.”