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Shark Reflections

Ryan Borne


Behind the Shot

Ryan has always been fascinated by sharks. “They are my favorite creatures. When I was a kid I remember spending hours looking at pictures of sharks in books, trying to learn all the different species and watching every shark documentary I could find.”

Taken just offshore of the heart-shaped island of Moorea, 11 miles west of the Tahitian mainland, Ryan was fortunate to photograph and experience these blacktip sharks up close. “This is one of my favorite shark photos that I’ve taken. I was lucky enough to position myself right into his tail and got his reflection on the surface of the water. Usually these blacktips would never let you swim right behind them. I'm beyond grateful that I managed to turn my passion for photography and videography into a job allowing me to spend some time with those creatures. I hope that by doing what I can to show the beauty of the ocean and how important it is, I can be a part of the solution to protect it and make sure that these creatures that I truly respect and love won't disappear.”