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Staniel Cay Sands

Corey Wilson


Behind the Shot

Staniel Cay in the Exuma Cays district of the Bahamas is so beautiful that not one, but two James Bond movies were filmed here. While the 2-square-mile island may seem small on a map, it has an airport, shops, a post office, church, library and yacht club (called “the Yacht Club”) to service the 90 or so full-time residents who call this island home. Only 75 miles from comparatively metropolitan Nassau, Staniel Cay offers amazingly clear water, shallow reefs for snorkeling and swimming, and swimming pigs. Yes, swimming pigs, but that’s a story for another day.

Corey was in the Bahamas for a swimsuit shoot when he took this photograph. “The model was a really beautiful girl, a friend of mine, and I wanted to get something moody and beautiful. We had completed the shots for the day, but we still wanted to shoot some portfolio shots. She decided to roll in the sand and the shot came together beautifully. As a black and white photo, the forms and textures really stand out. The late afternoon sun adds to the natural contrast of the tones, too.”