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Boards in Competition


Every year since 1974, Hermosa Beach has hosted a most unusual event—the Ironman competition. Unlike other Ironman competitions, which feature swimming, cycling and a marathon, this three-part part event features a 1-mile run, a 1-mile surfboard paddle, and ends with the chugging of a six-pack of beer (which has to be held down for approximately 20 minutes). Hundreds of participants each pay the $20 fee to participate in this rowdy July 4 tradition.

Richard, who grew up not far from the location, recalls this overcast morning: “People were storing their boards while waiting for the competition to start. Boards were being stacked all over the place. A bunch were gathered around this swing set, which made for a really cool frame. It was about 8:30 in the morning and overcast, and the competition hadn’t started yet.”

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Richard Podgurski Jr.


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