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Roll with the Waves

Merr Watson


Behind the Shot

Western Australia is home to incredible waves, beautiful beaches and spectacular sunsets. On this summer evening on the southwest shores near her home, Merr was attracted to the contrast of the deep blue of the wave face and the bright blue on the lip. She chose to take her drone up above the waves to freeze the action, and emphasize the colors and textures. “I love to find new and unique ways to capture the beautiful conditions. It’s super fun for me to shoot and exercise my creativity!

“A big reason I was drawn into aerial photography in the first place was to capture the ocean,” Merr continues. “It is so dynamic and incredibly complex. No matter how many times I shoot it, I constantly get a different result every single time. I was driven to capture the wave in a dreamy and unique way. It is always changing, providing all sorts of shapes, patterns, colors and textures. This shot is unlike other shots in my collection.”