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2,000 Feet Above Tuolumne Meadows

Skyler Greene


Behind the Shot

“Photography sometimes is about luck, but more often than not, it requires the foresight to put yourself in the right place at the right time,” says photographer Skyler Greene. Taken on an uncharacteristically clear day between two snowstorms in Tuolumne Meadows within the Yosemite Valley, this image is the culmination of a lifelong dream for photographer Skyler Greene.

After taking a flight to Las Vegas and seeing Yosemite National Park from 30,000 feet above, Greene knew that he one day wanted to photograph the same bird’s eye view in more detail and from a lower vantage point. His wish eventually became a reality when he had the opportunity to fly with a pilot at only 2,000 feet above Tuolumne Meadows. He could finally see – in great detail – all the ridges and lines that make up the spectacular natural landscape in the valley below. It was a “childhood fantasy” come to life for Greene.

“When I see this image, it inspires me to get out there and be in nature. And I hope it inspires people to want to take care of the land.” A mentor once told Greene that “you’re either a small part of the solution or a big part of the problem,” a mantra he lives by. He always tries to be a part of the solution, no matter how small, and hopes anyone who sees his work will be too.