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438 Breeze Way

Claudio Santini


Behind the Shot

Ah, suburbia. Wide open spaces. Plenty of sunlight. The idyllic lifestyle of freshly cut grass, big backyards and food on the BBQ.

When suburbs were developed in the 20th century, people moved to these pastoral settings to be surrounded by nature and avoid the chaos of the city. They sought peace and quiet, birds and butterflies. Fewer people and more trees. 

“I like to go around in different cities in remote suburban areas,” shares Claudio Santini. “I always have a bike in my car. When I find an inspiring location, I park my car and I plumb the depths of that neighborhood with my two wheels.”

The graphic pattern hiding the front door of this house caught Claudio’s attention when he took this photo in 2021. He imagined the house in these colors. Using digital elaboration, Claudio turned something ordinary into an image evoking lightness, contemplation and silence.

Imagine this decorative icon of Los Angeles suburbia hanging in your own home sweet home!