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Avalon From Above

Richard Podgurski Jr.


Behind the Shot

On a clear day, Richard can see Catalina Island from the South Bay waves he surfs daily. Every so often he will sail with his family to Avalon, a trip that can take most of a day across fairly choppy waters. Depending on the time of year, the 360 first-come, first-serve mooring sites in the tiny bay fill up, leaving countless boats waiting anchored outside the security of the breakwater. Luckily on this day, the photographer and his shipmates were able to secure mooring.

Richard found beauty in the scene. “It can get pretty chaotic here, and seeing it from above is completely different than sea level. I love it when objects organize naturally in a large space. Our boat is in this shot, and I thought it would be amazing to capture all these boats lined up and docked, with all the types of tarps and different shaped boats docked together. The lines make for an interesting pattern, which makes for a great photo, especially from above.”