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Bagni di Maria

Henrike Schenk


Behind the Shot

The island of Capri is famous all over the world for its natural wonders. The bay of Marina Piccola certainly offers one of the most beautiful views of the entire island, with the towering rock formations of Faraglioni framing a clear blue sea. The colorful Bagni di Maria beach club nestled in this bay is an escape from the hot summer temperatures for beachgoers.

When photographer Henrike Schenk visited Naples, she went on a day trip to Capri. Camera in hand, she wandered the island by foot through the small streets and alleys. From the dramatic cliffs to the floral gardens, the stunning landscape was like nowhere else in the world.

In the late afternoon Schenk headed to Bagni di Maria to take her last pictures of the day, grab a drink and soak in the views. The day was cloudy, but since she was there for only a day, she decided to take photos anyway and see what might happen. The result were images that were almost moody—a different feel from most summer photos. The happy accident gives this beautiful print its unique feel.