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Bahamas Sunset

Seth Willingham


Behind the Shot

The Exumas district of the Bahamas consists of more than 360 cays spread out over 120 miles. A favorite hideout for pirates, including the famed Captain Kidd, the Exumas are popular for their pristine beaches and coves, offshore reefs and protected lands and sea parks. The Exumas were featured in the James Bond film Thunderball, in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and infamously, Great Exuma was the location for 2017’s ill-fated Fyre Festival.

A tiny gem among those 360 islands is Fowl Cay, a privately owned 50-acre paradise, home to the Fowl Cay Resort. Hosting no more than 28 guests at a time, the resort allows visitors to have the island and its three beaches to themselves. Seth was blown away by the natural beauty right outside his door. “We had our own white sand beach. The Bahamas are well known for beautiful blue water and gorgeous sunsets, but even after sunset the water was crazy blue and the gnarly orange-pinkish clouds—electric blue water and electric pink sky—nothing I’d seen here before.”