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Bathin' in Sunshine

Ryan Borne


Behind the Shot

Ocean photography has changed Ryan Borne’s life. Companies hire him to shoot their products in tropical locations—providing him a career that grants access to things he enjoys and wouldn’t have been able to experience otherwise.

“My camera is my passport to see nice places, meet cool people and do fun stuff,” he says.

Working on a commercial photo shoot near Moorea, a French Polynesian island, Ryan seized the opportunity to capture this shot. He’d been envisioning this setup for some time.

“I wanted that symmetry,” he says. “It’s cool that there’s a man and a woman, facing opposite directions. It makes me think of the yin and yang of life.”

This print will evoke a sense of stillness and calm from whatever wall it lives on. The drifting subjects are peaceful in their duality.

“I took it from the bottom of the ocean shooting toward the surface,” Ryan shares. “It looks like they’re floating in space toward we don’t know what. The feeling of closing your eyes and floating in the ocean is a soothing sensation, and this photo reminds me of that.”

Note: This artist’s photo editing style may result in some mild graininess in all print sizes.