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Boats and Pier, British Virgin Islands

Richard Podgurski Jr.


Behind the Shot

The British Virgin Islands is a cluster of more than 50 islands and cays in the Caribbean, each one more beautiful than the next. While the automobile is the best way to get around on the bigger islands, the main way to travel between the smaller islands is by way of these small boats, often found tied to rickety, sun-washed docks. Richard visited the islands on vacation and was instantly captivated by the rich colors and textures in everything he saw. “The water is so clear and blue,” he recalls. “There’s no way to really describe how deeply saturated and bright the colors are there. I saw this dock and the boats tied to it, and wanted to isolate the scene to really focus on the colors and dock, which looked so delicate and weathered. I discovered that the best view was from above, letting the colors of the sea floor create the stunning background, and the boats could stand out so sharply. It’s still really inviting to me.”