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Bocas del Toro Tow

Brendon Hayward


Behind the Shot

Panama’s Bocas del Toro is easily the country’s most famous archipelago. A magnet for beach and watersports enthusiasts, Bocas del Toro, which translates to “bull’s river mouths” is nearly 1,800 square miles of mainland coast and nine named islands on the west side of Panama, along the Caribbean Sea, near the border with Costa Rica.

The main island of Isla Colón is home to the capital, Bocas Town, a town center with restaurants and shops. Because Bocas del Toro is a 10½-hour drive from the country’s capital, Panama City, the easiest way to travel between Bocas and the major cities in Panama is via boat or seaplane. During a spring trip to Panama, Brendon and his friends took the recommendation to heart and traveled by boat and seaplane as they explored the Bocas del Toro region.