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British Virgin Islands Blur

Richard Podgurski Jr.


Behind the Shot

How do you capture the colors of one of the most beautiful locations in the world in the purest form? Inherently a photograph is expected to capture the objects that comprise a scene: a tree, a rock, the water, the sand. Missing, though, are the senses you would experience if you were there—the feel of the tropical breeze, the texture of the sand under your feet, the warmth of the water as you wade into the surf.

Visiting the British Virgin Islands, Richard was challenged to capture the essence of the experience in a single photograph. “The colors are so hard to capture—they are so beautiful, and you want to capture them every way you can. Like standing on the beach and squinting your eyes to get the essence of the scene. I wanted to create an abstract to capture the colors of the scene. You take away the detail —addition by subtraction— and now you can imagine what you want. It’s really more like being there than being there.”