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Ryan Borne


Behind the Shot

Rolling through the pineapple fields in the center of Moorea, this pickup truck carrying surfboards in the back caught Ryan Borne’s eye. He imagined that the driver had just finished the day’s work and was embarking on an afternoon exploration of this magnificent, tropical setting.

“I love the contrasted colors of red dirt and vibrant greens,” says Ryan, who captured the photo with a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone camera. “This picture takes me back to that special valley on an island I now call home, where there’s only vastness, silence and reflection. The different scales show the depth and richness of these grounds.”

Moorea is a remote, 51-square-mile Polynesian island emanating majestic beauty such as peaceful meadows, emerald green mountains and deep bays. A volcano shaped the mountainous terrain millions of years ago, leaving a heart-shaped island with a calm, crystal-blue lagoon. 

Hollywood often uses Moorea scenery, with its unusually shaped mountain peaks, to create a South Seas setting for movies. “I feel grateful to live here,” Ryan shares. “There’s less distraction than other places, so you come back to the basics: spending time in nature, owning few possessions, eating local. It’s so beautiful.”

Hanging on the wall of your home or office, this print will bring French Polynesia to your doorstep with an invitation to continue exploring yourself and your curiosity for new horizons.