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Merr Watson


Behind the Shot

In Bacuit Bay off the west coast of El Nido in the Philippines, turtles, rays, sharks, dugongs and many, many species of fish call the clear blue waters and coral reefs home. For visitors, snorkeling, swimming and boating are popular activities, and more than 30 dive sites range in depth from 20 to more than 100 feet.

Most popular with tourists, though, is island-hopping—traveling among the 45 islands and inlets via chartered bangka boats. Most tours limit visits to four or five islands and locations in a day. Big and Small Lagoon, Miniloc Island, Simizu Island, 7 Commandos Beach and a handful of others make up most tour itineraries. But the turquoise waters of Entalula Island are among Merr’s must-visit locations, even if you have to charter your own bangka to get there.

“We spent most of the day here,” Merr recalls. “These incredible trees and the cliffs behind us, and the beach in front of us, the boat the only way in or out.”

“This is one of many picture-perfect islands in El Nido. We spent the afternoon soaking in the sun and swimming in these crystal clear waters surrounded by majestic limestone cliffs. This place definitely gave out a very castaway-movie feel and was one of my favorite tropical islands in beautiful El Nido.”