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Cracks in the Mud

Pierson X


Behind the Shot

Namibia is an extremely dry country. The lack of rain creates cracked mud on the desert floor, which can look like elephant skin from afar. Photographer Pierson Oglesby discovered this when he was shooting for his Texture Series– a collection of close-up images showcasing different terrains around the world. He found that when shot zoomed-in from a drone, many places we’d ordinarily recognize can morph into something completely otherworldly. 

While flying his drone about 80 feet above a Namibian desert, Pierson noticed a sand dune casting a shadow on the ground, creating a “cool contrast of light to dark.” It was around sunrise, and he was entranced by the way the sun hit the mud. Each individual panel of mud is about 5 feet long, but this shot creates something that looks totally different – tiny panels that merge together to create a captivating texture. This unique print is not something you see every day—a perfect way to add some of Pierson’s texture to your home.

Note: Printing techniques may result in darker colors in person, than what's seen on screens.