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Alex Van Kampen


Behind the Shot

Photographer Alex Van Kampen was on a sandbar in the Maldives, a South Asian island country and a true slice of paradise, when he came upon this seemingly abandoned surfboard. “The solitary surfboard and the absence of people created a feeling of being on a deserted island, far from civilization and the distractions of daily life,” Alex recalls.

All the while, a massive storm was rolling in, adding an element of drama and excitement to the scene. “I really wanted to capture the storm in the background, framing the board toward the middle and leaving a lot of negative space. It created a strong visual tension that holds the viewer's attention.” 

Alex’s choice to use black and white in this image gives it even more power and drama. “The absence of color highlights the textures and patterns, such as the sand and the clouds, and creates a moody, contemplative feel that invites the viewer to reflect on the beauty of nature and the sense of peace that comes with being surrounded by it.”

Alex Van Kampen’s extraordinary image “Deserted” reminds us that even in a tropical paradise, we’re surrounded by the raw power of nature.