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Electric Metal

Claudio Santini


Behind the Shot

The title of this print summons images of metal warehouses, utility poles, exposed concrete and raw materials. This digital collage by Claudio Santini celebrates a clean, modern, industrial aesthetic with its corrugated metal building, vintage car and utilitarian windows.

He took this photograph in a San Luis Obispo area resembling "the other side of the tracks.” Using digital manipulation and color, Claudio created an austere, timeless and somewhat mysterious scene—a marriage of electricity and metal. The language of geometric lines and shapes creates a harmonious balance within the frame. 

In this minimalist perspective, functionality takes priority over flourishes. The perforated panels, metal windows and car parked just outside establish this mundane building as something more—a beacon, a waypoint full of character and unique charm.

 “I’m interested in the urban landscape: the streets, the architecture,” Claudio shares. “I'm intrigued by the silence of the figurative abstractions of such visions.” The rough, unfinished materials and clean graphic lines blended with a few curved edges deliver an uncluttered, raw, laid-back atmosphere perfect for any room of the home or office.