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Ryan Borne


Behind the Shot

Ryan Borne wants you to know that despite the tiger shark’s reputation as an aggressive predator, they actually are not monsters. “In the beginning, free diving with the sharks was a little scary,” he recalls of his first experience photographing them underwater. “But once I relaxed, I realized they are peaceful and calm. It changed my perspective on these animals. Swimming with them is such a privilege.”

Ryan is passionate about sharing the beauty of these creatures through his photography. He hopes to change how skeptics feel about sharks and convince them to help protect the animals. This shot displays the dorsal fin of a tiger shark that swam past Ryan near a remote French Polynesian atoll.

“As predators, sharks play a vital role in the health of marine ecosystems,” he points out. “They indirectly maintain the seagrass and coral reef habitats. There are no healthy oceans without healthy sharks. In fact, the Polynesian culture views sharks as protectors.”

Ryan’s passion is obvious when you see his photographs of these big fish—nature’s artwork, up close and personal. “This print is full of life,” he says. “It brings a sense of wildness. It is organic and natural but also a bit primal—a shape we all recognize. It can trigger strong emotions, but through art even people who are scared of the water or sharks can appreciate the beauty of it without any fear.”

Note: This artist’s photo editing style may result in some mild graininess in all print sizes.