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Gulf Coast Local

Wesley & Emma Teague


Behind the Shot

Even after countless trips to the Florida Panhandle, photographers Wesley and Emma Teague can always count on nature to surprise them with something unexpected and beautiful. Case in point: An encounter with one of the Sunshine State’s most elegant native birds, the great blue heron.

“On a recent trip, we discovered a new-to-us spot which just so happens to be a protected National Seashore,” the duo notes. “We happily stumbled upon this stunning location just as the sun was setting over the white sand, and as we drove down the narrow two-lane road onto the unpopulated peninsula, we spotted a beautiful hero who seemed to be waiting for us to capture his portrait.”

Standing motionless amid soft white sand dunes and set against a backdrop of gentle waves in the Gulf of Mexico, the feathered subject represents a moment of restoration and relaxation. “It represents the peace of a good beach getaway,” the artists explain. “I love that this image captures the importance of protected land where native landscapes and animals can thrive. It’s a special thing to view wildlife in their natural habitat.”