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Home In the Woods

Zachary Moxley


Behind the Shot

Outside of Portland, Oregon, is this most unusual house. Now, if this house were on the tarmac of an airport, it wouldn’t be as unusual. It’s primarily the location that makes it so unusual. This home is a retired Boeing 727, equipped with water, electricity, sewage and over 1,000 square feet of interior living space. The owner is a member of the worldwide group AFRA—the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association. Members restore retired airplanes into inhabitable homes. One member is currently restoring a Boeing 747 into a home in Japan.

“Once the seats are removed,” the owner explained, “their profound appeal as a family living environment becomes immediately obvious.”

On an overcast February morning, Zachary visited the home for the second time to make the shot he wished he’d gotten on his previous visit. So overwhelmed by the absurdity of the home on his first visit, he didn’t capture the scene as he intended. “I wanted to try a more unique approach on this visit—from above, with my drone, with a wider-angle lens, and in the morning, preferably overcast, to keep the details in the shadows and highlights so the colors and the shapes would stand out more starkly. The high angle also revealed another surprise in the clearing—the heart shape of the clearing helps make the shot so unique.”