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Ryan Borne


Behind the Shot

True adventurers will recognize the exhilaration depicted in this aerial photo of the sailing yacht Hyperion. If you’ve ever attended a Bucket Regatta—the first of which was held in Nantucket, Massachusetts, in 1986—you know the thrill of viewing this competition of majestic superyachts.

In 1995 the picturesque Caribbean island of St Barths hosted its first Bucket Regatta and has done so in March every year since. The race is all about camaraderie and a noncommercial spirit—hosted purely for the enjoyment of the superyacht owner and fans. It draws sailors from around the world for competitive racing and rollicking fun. 

Ryan Borne was in St Barths for the 2022 event, completing a commercial photography assignment. But his trip was partially for pleasure. He grew up on the island and enjoyed visiting with family and friends during his excursion.
This action shot takes Ryan right back to the race. “There’s speed, flow and elegance—everything I love,” he says.

Shooting from a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone camera, he tapped in to his skills as both a photographer and a licensed commercial drone pilot as he captured this scene. “I found the composition of this angle quite dynamic. You have the perfect diagonal light hitting the sails and deck. The boat is really banking on the side. The wind was strong, and the crew was in race mode. It’s a very active photograph, and I like that energy.”