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Island Mix

Gaby Zuppetta


Behind the Shot

Take a journey down a winding driveway, flanked by trees and flowers. As you reach the crest, you are met with a remarkable vista: a beach welcoming you to a true oasis of peace with clear blue waters and fine sugary sand.

The place is San Montano, known as the most tropical beach on the island of Ischia. Located in the village of Lacco Ameno, Italy, the destination invites you to gaze into the Tyrrhenian Sea while relaxing in the shade of one of the many colorful umbrellas dappled across the white sand.

Photographer Gaby Zuppetta has an artist’s eye. She saw this magnificent sight—the pops of bright color sprinkled over the calm sand stretching to the sea—and knew she had to capture this scene with a bird’s-eye view from her drone. “I wanted to take this shot because it shows an amazing beauty combo,” she says. “It reminds me of pop art, which I love.”

Display a piece of San Montano on the wall of your favorite room as a symbol of Italian bliss.