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La Barchetta

Gaby Zuppetta


Behind the Shot

Drift away with this apricot-hued watercraft floating on the Gulf of Naples, Italy. Let it take you to places of peace and tranquility. “An image has the power to transport and transform a state of mind—to make the mind travel and to lighten the soul,” says photographer Gaby Zuppetta.

Gaby immortalized this moment near the volcanic island of Ischia, where she currently lives. “I wasn’t looking for this particular shot, but suddenly I was captured by the beauty of the reflection of this boat on the sea,” she says. “It was truly powerful and magnetic.”

Merging reality with imagination is one of the driving forces behind Gaby’s art. In this piece she does just that by capturing the ocean’s reflection of the skiff—much like a mirror reflecting one’s soul.

Gaby is self-taught. “Photography is part of me, and life is the best teacher,” she states. In her work she celebrates beauty and the romance of nature. This photo is one of Gaby’s favorites, and it’s sure to be one of yours as well.