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La Vacanza

Gaby Zuppetta


Behind the Shot

The most idyllic spot on the Mediterranean Sea … photographer Gaby Zuppetta captured it in 2023 with this image of ethereal allure. She named the print “La Vacanza”—Italian for “the holiday.” This image truly represents Gaby’s artistic style.

“I wanted to take this shot because that moment was very dreamy. This shows people on an authentic, Italian-style vacation in Positano,” she shares of the illustrious, cliffside village on Italy’s spectacular Amalfi Coast. With crystal-clear, turquoise water and a scenic backdrop of the Lattari Mountains, Positano is the ultimate travel destination for adventurers from all over the globe—including many celebrities.

In this photograph, Gaby immortalized a moment of radiance. “Beauty has a very strong power; it can change the world. My eyes look at this world like curious lenses in constant search of beauty, because this planet is full of beauty.”

Dreaming of a holiday on the Amalfi Coast? Gaby’s print invites you to experience "la dolce vita”—the sweet life so abundant in this iconic seaside paradise. Escape the grind of daily life and sink into this visual getaway.