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Last Light

Kelsey Williamson


Behind the Shot

On a tiny island in Indonesia, day waned and night approached as a surfer savored every precious ray of light—fully immersed in the ocean's embrace. Photographer Kelsey Williamson witnessed this surfer seizing the final opportunities of the day to enjoy the sea before darkness descended.

She shot this exquisite image in the Mentawai Islands, a chain of about 70 small atolls just off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. Many consider this archipelago to be the best surfing location on the planet. Strong swells from South Africa and Antarctica reach the area’s coral reefs, attracting dedicated surfers from around the globe with glassy conditions and endless surf breaks.

“The sunset was so vibrant and pink,” Kelsey remembers, “so it was a perfect moment to capture the surfer's gratitude and joy while cherishing the ocean at sunset. The sense of fulfillment and contentment derived from indulging in something you love amidst the serene ambience of the setting sun—unfolding on the vast expanse of water—is truly unparalleled.”