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Life on Mars

Wesley & Emma Teague


Behind the Shot

When photographers Wesley and Emma Teague realized that their portfolio of nature photography had far fewer desert images than other kinds of landscapes, they took the opportunity to travel out West for a change of pace. 

They headed to Canyonlands National Park in southeastern Utah, which has some of the most dramatic and beautiful desert landscape in the world. Even sweltering 120° heat couldn’t deter them from spending hours shooting the unique Mars-like formations and canyons. It’s almost hard to believe this otherworldly shot was taken on Earth. 

Residing in Alabama, the couple is used to green landscapes, so capturing the ombré reds and oranges of Utah was a dream way to diversify their portfolio. “We can’t put our cameras down when we’re out West,” they say. Looking at this shot, it’s easy to see why. Hang this print in your home to remember that our planet really is an incredible place.