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Man on the Moon

Zachary Moxley


Behind the Shot

Artist Matt Schultz described his 40-foot-tall outdoor installation and sculptural art project plainly: “This project is absolutely absurd.” An accomplished builder whose work has been featured over the past decade at Burning Man, Schutz’s piece, “The Head Maze,” was a representation of various states of mental illness, something the artist has struggled with throughout his life. Containing 18 rooms, the large interactive piece was equal parts art and structure. “I wanted people to feel a lot of different things when they moved through the maze.”

Zachary felt inspiration when he visited “The Head Maze” at the 2019 festival. “We’d been biking around it all week, and wanted to shoot it at sunrise, but were having a hard time finding the motivation to make it come together.”

Writing on Instagram, Zachary elaborated, “Without anyone to hold you accountable, it becomes tough at times to push yourself to a higher level and practice daily integrity. This has become an internal conflict for me as I’ve been looking for new ways to integrate accountability into my routines, not necessarily with others, but with myself.”

Luckily, Zachary found his motivation and his inspiration, and pushed to make the photograph happen.