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Maui Strong II

Connor Trimble


Behind the Shot

We've partnered with Artist Connor Trimble to donate 100% of the profits from these two print to The Maui Strong Fund.

Captured two weeks after the wildfires that devastated Maui, this photograph documents the deeply emotional scene that took place on the shores of Waikiki Beach in Oahu. Hundreds of individuals gathered beyond the breaking waves to mourn the tragic toll that the wildfire had taken on West Maui and the beloved town of Lahaina.

Oahu-based photographer Connor Trimble expressed, "It was a beautiful, harmonious display of unity and reverence by the community. There’s something really special about that, and with my connection to the ocean and surfing, along with sharing that connection with many here, paddle outs are an especially touching tribute I love."

Connor digitally altered his photo’s composition to resemble the shape of Maui, creating an image that stands as a unique and powerful tribute to those affected by the disaster. The resulting expression transcends mere ceremony, embodying the resilience of Lahaina's community in the face of catastrophe. The ocean, a profound symbol in Hawaiian culture, amplifies the emotional depth of the image.

The devastating backdrop of Lahaina's destruction and ongoing recovery efforts underscore the emotions behind this photograph. Connor’s art embodies the Hawaiian spirit—a community coming together to heal, protect, and rebuild.