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Memories of Iceland

Skyler Greene


Behind the Shot

Early in Skyler Greene’s photography career, he found himself traveling the world and playing around with all sorts of techniques and ways of expressing himself through art. His hunger for a way to set his work apart prompted him to create this unique image – a juxtaposition of dreamy orange clouds atop a dreary grey landscape in Vík, a remote village in southern Iceland.

For Greene, this print represents a very specific time in his life. A time when he was just getting started and excited about what the future held. A throwback to an era in his life that he remembers with fondness. It’s also a testament to experimentation and figuring out who you are. He took an image of clouds outside a plane window and superimposed it onto rock formations, just to see how it would look. The result is a striking image that proves his instincts were right.

No matter who you are, the experience of trying to find your place in the world is universal. Hanging this print in your home can serve as a reminder of those days for you. A reminder to be yourself – whoever that is.