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Milk and Flowers

Pierson X


Behind the Shot

Photographer Pierson Oglesby often participates in creative challenges with his friends. In these challenges, he and his peers push their limits with creativity, trying to do something new and unique while out of their comfort zones.

For one of these challenges, Pierson wanted to put a fresh twist on the classic “milky bath” shot by including a mirror in the bathtub. This gives the illusion that there are two women in the bath when in reality, it’s just one model. The reflection makes her look “so cool and mysterious,” he says.

Hanging this in your home with Pierson’s story in mind might serve as a reminder to push yourself out of your comfort zone. He put his stamp on a classic setup. How will you challenge yourself next?

Note: This artist’s photo editing style may result in some mild graininess in all print sizes.