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Alex Van Kampen


Behind the Shot

Photographer Alex Van Kampen was on a yacht trip around the Milos, a volcanic Greek island notable for its white rock landscapes surrounded by the sparkling blue water of the Aegean Sea. “Traveling by yacht was a truly unforgettable experience,” Alex recalls, “It allowed me to appreciate the island’s beauty in a new and dynamic way—and to create lasting memories of this incredible place.”

The day was hot, and the feeling in the air was one of peace and freedom when Alex framed the eager diver in the center of this image. “Using a high frame rate allowed me to capture the diver in sharp detail, frozen in time as she made her dive into the crystal clear blue water.” The timing was crucial, as Alex knew that freezing the diver in the center of the frame would emphasize the beauty of the blue water, the grace of the subject, and the thrill of the dive. 

Almost needless to say, Alex recommends such an experience to anyone who savors adventure and a relaxing escape. “A yacht trip in Milos is sure to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience,” he assures us. Of course, the next best thing is to appreciate the beauty of this wonderful image until you make your next yacht voyage to Milos.