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Misty Morning Evergreens

Wesley & Emma Teague


Behind the Shot

Silverton, Colorado, is a sleepy mining town nestled in the San Juan Mountains. With a population of just over 600, it’s an ideal spot to enjoy some quiet reflection.

That’s exactly what husband-wife photography duo Wesley and Emma Teague were doing when they took this moody photograph. The pair are self-described polar opposites—Wesley is an extrovert; Emma is an introvert. Wesley prefers sunny days; Emma is “obsessed” with fog. But much like a great work of art, their differences come together to create something unique and magical.

On their second visit to Silverton, the weather was rainy and misty. Emma was thrilled to get out in the morning and shoot the “magical and mystical” environment. Wesley enjoyed driving around the mountains, drawn to the colors that translated into rich blue and green tones on camera. They don’t like to mess too much with the natural color of their photos. The hues are usually striking enough on their own. Their specialty, he says, is true-to-color images.

Despite their contrasting personalities, the couple always finds common ground. Silverton (and Colorado in general) is brimming with natural beauty and mesmerizing landscapes. They agree on that.