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Moana Paradise

Kelsey Williamson


Behind the Shot

Captured during the serene moments of sunset, when the gentle breeze subsides and a stillness envelops the surroundings, this image depicts the ethereal beauty that emerges just before the sun descends beyond the horizon. The radiant hues illuminate the clouds, creating a mesmerizing spectacle, while the water mirrors the heavens—forming an almost flawless reflection that enchants the viewer.

Photographer Kelsey Williamson took this shot on the French Polynesian island of Mo’orea in 2019. It was her first time living there, and she often trekked alone to the water’s edge at sunset to behold the magnificence of the land, sea and sky—camera in hand.

“This is one of my favorite sunset images I have taken on Mo’orea,” she says. “It conveys such tranquility. The peaceful water coupled with the graceful presence of palm leaves in the foreground imbues the photograph with a profound sense of calmness.”

Hang this intriguing print in your home or office to infuse your favorite room with the mystique of the tropics.