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Mother Earth’s Skylight

Skyler Greene


Behind the Shot

“It’s humbling to look up and realize you’re just a small part of something huge that none of us can fully comprehend,” says photographer Skyler Greene.

Inspired by the way “Mother Nature has her own way of designing shapes and organizing space,” he captured these intersecting arches in California’s Alabama Hills.  The way the stars are framed within the arches felt like “a window through which we’re looking at Mother Nature’s geometry.” Greene thought this unique perspective was the perfect combination of landscape and astronomy – two of his passions and favorite subjects to photograph.

He wanted the focus to be on the shapes and textures in this image, which is why he elected for a striking black and white look. “If color doesn’t help tell the story, then you don’t need it,” he says.

Every image tells a story. This one is told to us from Mother Earth herself. Note: This artist’s photo editing style may result in some mild graininess in all print sizes.