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Motion of the Ocean

Seth Willingham


Behind the Shot

Laguna Beach, California, is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and diverse tide pool populations. While beautiful from above, tide pools can be brutal for the creatures that live there. They must survive the waves and currents, fluctuating temperatures, exposure to the sun and wind, and, of course, predators that continually threaten them.

The ocean and the creatures that live in it have been an important part of Seth’s life. “I’ve always been drawn to the ocean. Everything about the ocean. I surf, swim, dive, sail. I love all these things. This is where I feel most comfortable. This is where I feel the most at peace.”

Seth adds: “I wanted to use a long exposure—about 3 seconds, which is really impressive from a drone—to smooth the water. The water looks like smoke and everything is smoothed over. Shots like this are cool because your eyes and brain can take awhile to process the scene. These are the kinds of shots that I can stare at for a long time.”