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Naked Island

Merr Watson


Behind the Shot

About a mile off the coast of Siargao Island in the Philippines, the tiny football-field-size Naked Island rises just above sea level. Barren with no shade or shelter, this surreal patch of pure white sand is surrounded by warm shallow water perfect for swimming or snorkeling.

Merr visited the popular destination as part of an all-day island-hopping tour. Photographed just before sunset, the low warm directional light raked across the sand, the boats and the sole inhabitant casting long shadows.

The juxtaposition between the fine soft white sand, the long sharp shadows and the inviting clear blue waters appealed to Merr. “I wanted to highlight the isolated feel, and having the single person on the sandbar really adds to the feeling of tranquility I was searching for. It is one of many islands in Siargao that I enjoyed visiting during my island-hopping adventure.”