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Napali Sunrise

Pierson X


Behind the Shot

The Napali Coast in Kauai is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world. Spanning 17 miles, its emerald cliffs are some of the most recognizable in Hawaii. The coastline is not only scenic, but a sacred place for Hawaiians, towering over beaches and rugged terrain. Photographer Pierson Oglesby knew it would make a perfect addition to his Texture Series—a collection of close-up images of different textures found in nature that show just how astounding the earth can be.

Pierson hiked to the top of the mountains that make up the coast and the next morning flew a drone over the majestic cliffs to capture this image just after sunrise. It was the texture that intrigued him—a different perspective of a recognizable view. At first it’s unclear what the photo depicts, but when you realize what it is, it’s that much more special. This print is a stunning way to bring the Hawaiian coast to your home.