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North Shore Dedication

Ryan Borne


Behind the Shot

Mention North Shore to nearly anyone and they’ll associate the name with Hawaii and surfing. Surfers from everywhere make the pilgrimage to surf the world-famous waves of Oahu’s fabled North Shore. Technically, the North Shore stretches from the remote western tip of Ka’ena Point to the eastern edge at Kahuku. The population center of the North Shore is Haleiwa, where the Kamehameha Highway reaches the shore. The most popular surf location varies from surfer to surfer, but Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach are likely the best known. World-famous competitions are held in various locations along the North Shore; the Triple Crown of Surfing, the Hawaiian Pro, the O’Neill World Cup of Surfing and the Billabong Pipeline Masters take place at Haleiwa, Pupukea and Ehukai Beach’s Banzai Pipeline, respectively. In winter—but only when waves meet the consistent minimum requirement of 20 feet—Waimea Bay hosts the Quicksilver Big Wave Invitational.

During his visit to the North Shore in December 2019, an early fog covered the usually sunny coast. Ryan was taken by the mood of the moment. “I looked out through the fog and saw this lone surfer patiently waiting for the right conditions. His dedication inspired me.”