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Off Grid

Kelsey Williamson


Behind the Shot

“I am convinced that this image possesses the power to transcend the ordinary and transport you effortlessly to a secluded and serene haven,” says photographer Kelsey Williamson of this alluring shot she took in French Polynesia. “Even now, as I gaze upon this scene, I am swept away to a state of being disconnected from the grid—fully immersed in the present moment.”

Toa'u is an exquisite gem nestled in the Tuamotu Archipelago. It boasts pristine natural surroundings and an authentic unplugged experience. The island’s limited infrastructure and minimal impact from mass tourism add to the allure—allowing visitors to relish in the tranquility that defines this extraordinary destination.

“Walking along the deck of our sailboat moored near Toa'u, I was captivated by a line of coconut trees standing proudly on a small patch of land,” Kelsey shares of the photo she took using a 100-400mm lens. “Intrigued by the serenity of the scene, I grabbed my camera and captured the fleeting minutes just before the full moon emerged, casting its radiant glow behind the swaying palms.”

This mesmerizing print encapsulates the essence of Toa'u's remote location, unveiling its compelling beauty. It serves as a testament to the island's remarkable landscape, beckoning those who appreciate the untouched wonders of the Pacific to embark on a truly unforgettable journey.

Note: This artist’s photo editing style may result in some graininess in all print sizes.