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One More?

Alex Van Kampen


Behind the Shot

Photographer Alex Van Kampen was on a trip to the Maldives, a South Asian island country and a true slice of paradise, when he spotted these eager surfers and took this shot. “It was a moment of pure stoke,” Alex recalls, “that captures that feeling of ‘one more wave.’”

That “one more wave” feeling is well known to surfers and beachgoers exploring a new environment. It’s a feeling of freedom and excitement, which Alex captured by freezing the subjects. “I wanted to convey a carefree sense of being in the moment,” he says. “That’s such a rare and precious experience in today’s fast-paced world.” By including a dramatic cloudscape in the background, Alex was able to add an extra layer of interest to the photo. “The clouds highlight the unique and ever-changing beauty of the natural world,” he says, adding that “I also applied cool tones and edits that enhance the photo, making a stunning and memorable moment captured in time.” 

This print is a perfect way to remind ourselves to always seize the moment—to always take the opportunity to go back for one more.