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Palmetto In & Out

Claudio Santini


Behind the Shot

Formerly the home of manufacturing plants and railroad tracks, today the Los Angeles Arts District is a hip art scene and shopping haven. Palmetto Street is the heart of the district, where dogs and strollers juxtapose models and photographers, and great food and art meet historic architecture and century-old buildings.

This community is beloved for its quirkiness and charm. You never know what you’re going to encounter around the corner. “In this area, it is very common to see a couch in the street or all kinds of merchandise for sale in eclectic stores,” says Claudio Santini. “It is so in the character of the place.”

Claudio’s digital collage illustrates the imagination of the arts district. “This collage evokes creativity,” he says. “Creativity is a delicate thing; that’s why I chose these colors. It is not an obvious image. It is decorative. It talks about an interesting street and the act of unconventional shopping.”

In his work, Claudio focuses on the representation of all aspects of urban life. Here he has captured the urban landscape of this burgeoning creative hub and given it a distinctively nostalgic charm and contemporary twist.