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Perfect Swirls

Pierson X


Behind the Shot

Utah is home to some of the most beautiful and unique rock formations in the world. When Pierson visited the state, he knew the rocks would make a perfect addition to his Texture Series of photographs. The series was born from Pierson’s inspiration to capture close-up images of different textures found in nature. These images show just how astounding the earth can be. 

After driving three hours off-road, past small mountains and pine trees, Pierson found himself on top of a mountain surrounded by white and orange rock. The rocks were “two completely different textures,” but they swirled together in one of the most stunning natural surfaces he’d ever seen. 

“I like that when you look at this photo, you kind of have to figure out what you’re looking at,” Pierson says. “It’s not a very big mountain range at all, but there’s no other place like that on Earth. It was unbelievable.” We agree.