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Praslin Island

Merr Watson


Behind the Shot

Along the calm waves and shallow waters of Anse Gouvernement beach on the eastern side of Praslin in the Seychelles, incredible granite boulders seem to have been dropped from the sky. Their smooth, eroded faces stand out from the white sand beach and clear blue waters of this tiny island nation. Located 500 miles off the east coast of Africa, and about 500 miles north of the northern tip of Madagascar, the 115 islands that comprise the Seychelles have attracted adventurers since the then-uninhabited islands were first visited in 1609.

The indescribable natural beauty of the Seychelles drew Merr to the islands of Praslin and La Digue. “Some places are so out-of-this-world beautiful that even your eyes feel like they’re playing tricks on you. This place sure is one of them. This really is a wonderland unlike any other. Palm tree forest, water, incredible granite boulders, and that sun-bleached shipwreck frame the couple walking on the beach, and emphasize the scale of the elements.”