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Puerto Vallarta Beach

Kyle Huber


Behind the Shot

On paper, a beach called Beach of the Dead or Dead Man’s Beach shouldn’t be one of the most popular and beloved beaches in all of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. But local families have flocked to the beach for decades, setting up huts and woven rugs to enjoy their weekends and holidays. When tourists started coming to the area in the 1950s, local officials attempted to change the name of the beach to a more welcoming Playa Del Sol, but it didn’t stick. The locals wouldn’t budge, and the name remains today.

Kyle visited Puerto Vallarta in July, a normally hot and rainy time of year. “It had been raining, but the beaches were still packed. It was overcast at the moment, which helped make this shot so colorful and magical. The famous Playa Los Muertos pier is just outside of this shot.

“This was my first time in Puerto Vallarta. I was here for my birthday, and there was this crazy energy on the beach. This was one of my favorite beaches I’ve ever been to. The water is so warm and the waves crash softly—super ideal for swimming.

“From above I really got to see how colorful the scene was—the umbrellas and swimmers against the sand and blue water really pops.”