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Pure Pacific

Sharon Williams


Behind the Shot

More than 1 million people travel every year to Catalina Island. A rocky enclave off the coast of Southern California, it is southernmost in the Channel Islands archipelago. The most common mode of traveling to Catalina is an hour-long ferry boat ride, as there is no bridge to connect the island and the mainland. But many sail their own craft to this boater’s paradise.

Anywhere you choose to anchor around the 22-by-8-mile protected habitat will provide a breathtaking view. While Catalina offers a plethora of adventures for its visitors and 4,000 residents, for some the island is a refuge—an opportunity to pause and reflect on life.

That’s just what artist Sharon Williams does when she visits Catalina with her camera gear in tow. She finds a scenic overlook, and with her lens she transports us to an island paradise surrounded by the expansiveness of the Pacific Ocean. 

“Those moments are the purest part of photography,” she says. “It’s a special gift that requires attention and thoughtfulness. It’s a way of connecting with those who see my photographs.”

Sharon hopes you find something in her images that you connect with. That is the joy of art, after all.