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Quentin Pradal


Behind the Shot

Photographer Quentin Pradal moved from France to New York in September 2019 and now spends most of his weekends in northern Brooklyn. This shot was taken in Greenpoint, Brooklyn’s northernmost neighborhood. With both traditional Polish roots and a burgeoning a community of creatives, Greenpoint abounds with classic cars. “I’ve been increasingly inspired by Brooklyn-based emerging photographers like Dino Kuznik or Arnaud Montagard, who excel at photographing classic cars,” he says.

He recalls seeing a pristine, newly washed, off-white Ford Ranchero on sale on a street in Greenpoint. “When I saw the car emblem, I felt like a bird being attracted to shiny objects. I played with different angles to get light that would make the Ranchero emblem pop.” Quentin wanted a picture that reflected this car’s condition—glossy and immaculate. “To be honest, I don’t know much about cars myself, but there’s just something unique about classic cars—they represent an era and style that may never come back.” Hang this photograph in your home for a daily reminder of that iconic era.